FIFA World

Soccer game with online tournaments and fantasy team mode


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  • Category Sport
  • Program license Demo
  • Version Beta
  • Size 23.52 MB
  • Works under: Windows Vista
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Electronic Arts

Get Ready to go Football Crazy

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world, so it is only natural that there should be a large number of computer games dedicated to the sport. Of course, some of these games are more popular than others. Read on to find out if FIFA World is a good reproduction of the Beautiful Game.

One of the best things about the game is that it is presented by FIFA, meaning that gamers are given access to more than 16,000 popular players from around the world that are represented by more than six hundred football clubs. Even fans of the most obscure player are sure to have the chance to control their favourite football hero as he makes his way across the pitch in the hopes of scoring the winning goal.

There are hours of gaming fun just waiting to be enjoyed as gamers follow their favourite players and help them to achieve victory. There are lots of different modes to choose from, which helps make the game larger and more diverse than other football games that have gone before it. However, unlike many other football games, the controls of FIFA World are fairly easy to master and there are not too many rules and trick moves to have to learn and remember.

The Social Hub adds an extra element to the game that can be a lot of fun. This is really the heart of FIFA World and in this area fans of the game can share their favourite game content as well as like and comment on it. One of the things that makes football such a popular sport is the strong social element and it is easy to see that the game is trying hard to recreate this. Being able to play with friends and people who you meet online through the game also adds an extra social dimension to FIFA World and allows football fans to bond over one more shared interest.

There are lots of other new aspects to the game as well as such Limited Time Accomplishments and Featured Tournaments. These new features are also designed to keep the excitement of the game alive even when gamers are not actually playing. Having the chance to build your own squad from players from all around the world is another great touch.

As already mentioned, there are literally thousands of football stars to choose from, so choosing the perfect players can take a lot of time and add an extra dose of strategy and fun to the game. The players will have different player chemistry on the pitch, and this can also be customised to suit your needs and help make your dream team almost invisible. Gamers will earn coins for playing matches, and these coins can be used to purchase new players that will add a lot of strength to you team. Make sure you choose wisely.

FIFA World is now available to play for free on the computer or laptop, which really gives football fans something to celebrate. Although the game is not perfect, there are plenty of elements that make the game a lot of fun and the various different modes mean that gamers are presented with a wide range of options. the fairly decent graphics and the ease of play also score big and are sure to make gamers cheer.


  • Fluid and easy game play
  • Lots of modes to choose from
  • Captures the intensity of the World Cup


  • Not all the modes are well developed
  • Shadows often cover the stadium for some reason
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